Rozen Maiden - Uzu


by larsa7

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This is my 52nd AMV. It is also my final one for the Rozen Maiden series. I did this one for my friend who likes RM and Shinku.
In this video Shinku feels sad when all her sisters die, one after another. Jun makes Shinku feel happy again and that is why a doll loves a boy. I know, the story sucks but I did not have so much time with this one than I usually do. I have very much homework and etc. Please forgive me, this is just a piece of crap:( I do not even have lyrics in Japanese, but maybe lyrics in English are enough this time.

Rozen Maiden©Peach-Pit


What a art!!! Damage for nonthe control of the effects at the they beginning is not super. But even if the music displeases to me enough, I adore!! Too much cabbages moment when Shinku will be fixed against Jun ^^

Oh, and then it is not so null that its finally, after having entirely heard it, I want even to download it ^^ Thanks to your AMV
By Makana 5 years ago
inia ki atamo sata

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