YOUTUBE POOP: Fred's Hard Life (Part 1)


by Dan5589

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13th YouTube Poop, Which is to Dedicate to my Sister, Thanks to her for showing me what Fred is like and IMO, He seems funny as he is a 6 Year Old Crybaby! XD

so I started doing a YTP with him in it, Started from last sunday which leaves me taking some breaks at some bits until from Friday, I finished it at last!

Enjoy! :)

Fred was a 6 Year Old Crybaby, as some of you know with some Temper Tamprum. One Day he opened a letter which is from Freddy Krueger (which happens to be a Joke from his Arch Enemy, Kevin) which gets him frighted.

Months later, he felt that he is brighting himself up with full of freedom when summer is coming, until he is scared which is Kevin is coming to beat him up. He felt so scared that he was telling us a Story about what happened to him at the Swimming Pool, with Disasterous Results.....

Dedicated to the Fans of Fred and My Sister!


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