Killer Bees vs. Bolsheviks Pt.2

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Killer Bees vs. Bolsheviks Pt.2


I can't believe Nick Bockwinkle disagreed with Gorilla about how a wrestler over three hundred or four hundred pounds is limited once you take them off their feet. Now surely Nick Bockwinkle has to know that from all his years of experience in wrestling. When you take a big man off their feet you're taking away ninety percent of their offense and limiting their ability to do anything at all. There's really not a whole lot of argument a person can make with regard to that statement. Some big men are just skilled down on the mat as they are when they are on their feet, but NOT Nikolai Volkoff and Boris Zukhov.
By Randy Ragsdale 4 years ago
The matches from yester year so to speak,can still hold the magic & excitement today. Once the action got under way,this was really well worth viewing.Thanks for posting.
By garth leslie robinson 5 years ago
Damn! Lord Alfred Hayes is talking wayyyyy too much during this match, although I must admit Gorilla, Hayes, and Bockwinkle possess great chemistry as a commentary team.
By Randy Ragsdale 6 years ago
I must say that this was a pretty good tag match once these guys got all the foolishness out of the way
By Randy Ragsdale 6 years ago