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    THE GREEN SLIME 1968 Sci Fi TRAILER Japanese Science Fiction


    by chikungfu

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    THE GREEN SLIME aka After the Destruction of Space Station Gamma: Big Military Operation - Battle Beyond the Stars - Death and the Green Slime - Gamma #3 Big Military Space Operation - The Battle of Space Station Gamma

    1968 - Science Fiction Movie, Starring: Robert Horton, Luciana Paluzzi, Richard Jaeckel, Bud Widom - Directed by: Kinji Fukasaku

    Invaders From Beyond The Stars!
    The Green Slime is coming!!

    A giant asteroid is heading toward Earth so some astronauts disembark from a nearby space station to blow it up. The mission is successful, and they return to the station unknowingly bringing back a gooey green substance that mutates into one-eyed tentacled monsters that feed off electricity. Soon the station is crawling with them, and people are being zapped left and right!
    Fun, fast-moving, funky sci-fi action for "Thunderbirds" fans.

    US B-Grade stars meet slimy Japanese-style men-in-monster-suit Aliens with reproductive blood who, having infiltrated a space-station and captured the interest of a new-lifeform-discovering scientist proceed to electrocute half the crew.

    Funky colour schemes, futuristic 1960s-style discotheques, kooky camera angles and a crazy Blaxploitation-style theme song combine to create a groovy film, man.