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    Yngwie's Easy Listening


    by zevi_35711

    In the early 90s I was in a band called The Kitchen Gods. The singer of the band, Albert Cottle, wrote the acoustic part that can be heard in this video. We never used it since we couldn't find a vocal melody that seemed to fit; and for the longest time I also had trouble soloing over it since I couldn't seem to find the proper key. Now I realize it's in E Dorian or B minor. In the video I'm playing a melody I wrote that could have been used for the vocal part; and I'm also improvising a long solo. I titled it 'Yngwie's Easy Listening' because I played the video for a friend and he said it sounds like someone playing Yngwie Malmsteen licks over easy listening music. If you like this video, please buy one of my books. Thank you.
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