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    Foam polyurethane brackets are most common in commercial applications where they are installed for decorative purposes and in large quantities under overhangs. They can drastically improve the look and appeal of the building as well as the overall experience for the shoppers. Polyurethane Foam Moldings for a home will not only make it look much nicer, it will also help increase the property value on the real estate market. The great thing about Stucco Foam Moldings is that they are very inexpensive, and it takes much less time to install. The less time it takes to install items, the faster the job will be finished and the faster you will be able to move in. Because of the lightweight pieces there will be no wages going out on heavy lifting equipment. They can be used almost anywhere on a building; from roof eves, to column crowns, pre-cut designs on the outside. They also look well on window cornices, and wall caps, and pilaster caps, pediments, balusters, arches and many other types of standard or custom sizes are available. All the surfaces are paintable. All Polyurethane Foam Moldings are constructed with high quality, lightweight pieces, which have been engineered for extra support. They are very weather resistant, so there are no worries about using them outdoors. You do not have to worry about gathering bacteria because it does not support any bacterial growth; as a matter of fact, it is moisture resistant. The installers will thank you for choosing these types of Stucco Foam Molding because they do no irritate the skin in any way; they are also odorless, and clean to work with. 954-727-3005