Ham keh Thehre ajnabii itnii ( ghazal )


door swatiking

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Aap ka Buhat Shukriya. Khush Rahoo Sadah.. Ameen.
Door swatiking 6 jaren geleden
An exquisite style of respectable Faiz's poetic artistry which has been given a melodious touch by Nayyara Noor in her peculiar voice. The first verse has got an unexplainable feeling of aloofness as if a dicsiple endeavours to fragment its underlying meaning, he/she is swayed away by the pain's wave. Honorable Anwar Masood had said rightly:

Dil Sulagta Hey Teyray Surd Rawwaiyey Sey Meyra
Deykh Is Burf Ney Kya Aag Lga Rakhi Hey
Door Aussiegora007 6 jaren geleden