Fer's story FoQ S01 E05

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Sorry for taking so long =p

Fer and Julio try to figure out what happened with Ruben and Adrian.

4 comentarios

wheres the season 1 episode 4?
Por dm_500f0ce4d5518 hace 2 años
hi thank you for your work in creating subtitles for F.O.Q.

Btw, do you have the F.O.Q subs files? because i have the episodes in my computer but no subtitles..
Por uilson11 hace 2 años
Thank u so much for uploading the storyline WITH subtitles :) is there no ep after S1 E05 with Fer because I couldnt find it.

Muchos gracias!
Por skatadude86 hace 5 años
Thanks a lot for the videos and FOR YOUR ENGLISH SUBTITLES! My spanish isn't good enough, so it's the only way I can watch the wonderful FoQ series. Please don't stop your work...
Por loutka hace 6 años