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    Why Does Christ seem NUTS?


    by Brettkeane


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    I have seen your video and I see the confusion. If I may, here is a thought. According to Christian belief: Christ had to die on the cross (hit by a mac truck) to resolve a problem that started many years earlier. It has to do with the issue of sin. Those things that are wrong and evil came into the world and someone has to pay for the wacked out problems that seem to have no resolve. In other words: Christ came to take the penalty (or jugment) for those who have done wrong. He paid the price. Much like a court, when one does something wrong there is a requirement of restitution. Likewise the evil that is done requires forgiveness and repayment. Death is not anything beautiful. You are correct to notice that death is sickening, but it seems to be the price for wrong-doing. Christ didn't just come to take people to heaven, but to restore a relationship and obliterate the wrongs that we do.
    By jms4hm6 years ago