Every Single Canadian Owes $75,000 - Born into Debt

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by wpg420

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Canada's national debt is now growing exponentially. Unfunded liabilities such as CPP, OAS and Medicare have risen 25% since 2000. This situation is quickly getting out of hand. Debt levels are at historic highs. While each of our political parties trip over each other to spend more.

This must stop now!!!
Canada cannot continue to steal from her grandchildren.

Every newborn Canadian is given an important gift from the moment of birth. The gift of debt passed on by those before them. Over $75,000 of debt. (according to the Fraiser Institute's "Canadian Government Debt 2008 - A Guide to the Indebtedness of Canada and the Provinces) This puts the average family of four in debt over $300,000. Not for an education, a home or a business. No, they owe this massive debt because of decisions made by governments before them.

All the major parties are guilty, The Liberals, The NDP and The Conservatives, of increasing spending, of increasing government and of generational theft. Now is the time for real change. Now is the time for a new voice.

The Libertarian Party of Canada
"Government should act only as our servant and never as our master."

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$311 billion is the provincial debt mostly created by the Liberals and NDP. That is more than $ 28000 per person, helppppp, helpppp