And Then Your Lips Met Mine-Elmer Feldkamp

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by Lou

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And Then Your Lips Met Mine-Elmer Feldkamp on ViS 22582.Nov. 24-1930

FredL will have to identify Elmer on the Photo,since he has the sheet music.


Great orchestration and song. I'll leave the romantic comments to the dreamers, and just say that i enjoyed this posting very much.
Thank you.
By Walter Gray 6 years ago
The one on the right has his eyes and jaw line. What might throw us off would be the change in hair style and the fact that he's very stern in the sheet musicr photo. I still think its him.
By phred001 6 years ago
Thanks Patrick,I don't think any of the trio looks like Elmer. Thanks again.
By Lou 6 years ago
Lou and Fred, one of the three "Biltmores" actually look like Feldkamp; I'm all but sure he is on there. I've just privately sent you his portrait. Again this is a superb Lown/Feldkamp performance!
By kspm0220s 6 years ago
Thanks Fred,Maybe Patrick will come through with a copy of the sheet music and identify him.I do have a 3rd later photo of the Biltmore Trio.
By Lou 6 years ago
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