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    AliveMax.Tv - News Update! Alive Max: Pay Plan


    by AliveMaxTv

    Our official team website will be up and running the same day Alivemax is launched
    It will be the best resource and training website for Alivemax online. &

    Our incredible pay plan offers you SEVEN ways to get paid.
    Because of the binary payplan you will ALWAYS recieve HUGE spillover from our TEAM.
    We will be the first to know about the launch, think about what would happen if Rachel Long or Jane Marks are placed in one of your legs !!!!!

    This video will explain the following:

    Alive Max - Welcome Bonus
    Alive Max - Retail Bonus
    Alive Max - Fast start Bonus
    Alive Max - Dual Team building
    Alive Max - Rankings
    Alive Max - Matching Bonuses
    Alive Max - Infinity Generational Bonuses
    Alive Max - Leadership Pools

    More will be explained soon regarding all of these.
    Everyone will be paid weekly so no waiting until the end of the month for your check to arrive. Trust us here because we have NEVER seen a pay plan that can
    generate such a huge income in such a short period of time. &