MASTER Drawing an Eye in 2 MINUTES

Merrill Kazanjian

by Merrill Kazanjian

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A helpful trick with observational drawing is to see things as shapes. The basic shape of the human eye is similar to an almond shape. But this is only one of the several shapes that encompass the eye. Think of these shapes as puzzle pieces as you draw a persons eye in the near future. Remember that these shapes will slightly change based upon a persons facial expression. Today, I will show you step by step how to draw the human eye. Pause the video at any time if you need to. Here we go.

Step 1: Make a rainbow shape with a circle under it. The top of the circle should be partially blocked by the rainbow.
Step 2: Make the bottom lid. Notice that the lower part of the almond shape narrows as it approaches the tear duct on the inner corner of the eye.
Step 3: Make the pupil and leave an empty space in the middle for a reflection. The line above, is the eye lid folded back.
Step 4: Add the shape of the eyebrow.
Step 5: Add a light line below the eye to hint at the eye socket.
Step 6: Shade in the eyebrows. Try to notice that they are not one solid shape.
Step 7: Add the eyelashes. Try to notice that they are much thicker on the top eye lid.
Step 8: Add the final shading. The darkest areas should be directly under the eyebrow and under the eye.

I hope that this video helped you. If you still need help go to and download a print version of this lesson. This print version will give you step by step instruction through pictures and words. Once you are on, click the gallery tag at the top of the page. Next, go to select an artwork at the top on the right, under the banner. Scroll down until you see Eye Worksheet 1, 2 or 3.