DBZ Budokai 3,- 血液中のBudokai 火傷, Stylish Combo video #2 by S2

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DBZ Budokai 3,- 血液中のBudokai 火傷, Stylish Combo video #2 by Saiyanjin2. Video 10min which includes 10 Combo of my favorites characters ^^

I did all these Combos in a very short time and I had not played since one month before but I tried to make beautiful things and quite hard anyway...

I would like to say a big thank you to elfuriano2 who has done for me a great video dedication, thank you very much for that man, the video is just legendary;)

For the video I use some creation of other players like gogetassj4666 (cool kick of vegeto and other things), odjnryu and raabbr, so I hope you will like these some news Combo my friends xD

The song used is Rhapsody - Reign of Dark Fire; Stratovarius - I Still Alive and Statovarius - Millenium (impressive song I find)...

Comment on this if you want and look at this in H.Q. you will enjoy this madness much more haha ^^

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try --> bit.ly/1so6Gn9 or po.st/a60iDi
Par quaimimemngleev1971 il y a une semaine
wow, les combos sont géniaux ah ce fameux goku à la fin,parfait, je crois bien que tu est le seul à pouvoir le faire et bonnes scène d'animes bien rapides, beau travail, tu t donné à fond et la musique excellente 5/5 + fav
Par elfuriano2 il y a 5 ans

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