iris~ goo goo dolls

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Fantastic picture choices, my favorite is at 49 (the broken girl.) But every one of em captures the secretive and dark angelic quality to this song. Really beautiful. My only bone to pick though is that I wish the images wouldn't keep flitting about, Just fade in or next slide. Its a little distracting and kinda ameturish for the rest of the really lyrical vid.
Par ragdollcherub il y a 5 ans
ok thank you for the infos! ^^
Par Կ.Մ. il y a 6 ans
Awwwww chtiteninie thank you ^-^
the band is, the goo goo dolls and the song name is~ iris!
thank you :D
Good video! ^^ I like the pictures and the song! ^^
Who is the singer and what's the song's name?
Thanks =)
Par Կ.Մ. il y a 6 ans
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