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    Recycled Goods

    Nate Hananger

    by Nate Hananger

    In February of 2009, some brave souls dared the impossible…. filling a friend’s bedroom from floor to ceiling with recycled goods. Money was spent, girlfriends were ignored and injuries were sustained. They oozed sweat from devoted manual labor for several days and nights until…..

    …..karma caught up. The dreaded older brother and dominant father of the target laid siege like a tsunami of rage. Their overwhelming force left the marvelous masterpiece in ruin and destroyed the egos of the unnamed artists as well. And in the end, the priceless reaction of Adam was lost forever.

    We only have this brief video to commemorate those who fought so courageously for the creativity of fucking with their best friend while he was licking pink taco in Hawaii.

    ‘Til his next vacation, keep the hope alive!

    By Nate Hananger
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