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    The elliott wave practitioner 14 March 2009, Chinese Indices

    Roy Silverstone

    door Roy Silverstone

    In this video I look at 3 Chinese Indices: The Chinese Securities index 100 of Shangai, The Utilities Index of Shangai, and the Hang Seng index.
    The wave count I have used for the 3 Indices is still largely intact and all the 3 still call for a lower low to complete the 5 wave run that started from the Top on a weekly scale. The Hang Seng Index looks to be with the most bearish wave count, 1,2:1,2,. This wave count predicts a waterfall collapse in prices to start very soon. The big picture says clearly we have several more weeks if not months before we are likely to see a meaningful bottom that will last for 6-12 months.
    The charts in this video are available for a free download from my website from the Downloads section.