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    Focal Point andrew mayne -


    by newmagicsource

    Mentalism with a visual twist

    You introduce several antique photographs collected from around the world. A spectator is invited to freely select one to focus upon. After a moment of concentration you begin to zero in on the spectator's thoughts and reveal the selected photograph. However, in a strange climax, you leave the spectator wondering if they imagined it all when the chosen photograph is turned over to reveal a completely blurred image.

    * Complete with everything needed to perform
    * Spectator has a totally free choice.
    * Resets Instantly
    * Includes alternate routines.

    Running Time Approximately 16min


    "This is good, easy, effective mentalism...the psychology behind this one is sound. You are now asking the spectator to question what really happened. Recommended."
    David Goodsell, M-U-M Magazine 12/1/2008