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    2 Shot As Fight At Nightclub Taken On Road - Prevention


    This video has been age-restricted based on our Community Guidelines

    The nightclub violence in this video could have been prevented with the Club Watch Community Connection here: These tragedies happen all the time. I have thousands of news stories like this because I wanted to study them and understand why they occur after my father was stabbed in the stomach at a club (he was just trying to defend his best friend). My friend was also stabbed. I've seen so many fights and shootings at clubs that I don't even want to go out anymore.

    I hope these videos help people see how important it is to join together and help clubs provide us with a safer place to hang out and have fun. There's no excuse for clubs to allow this kind of crap to happen with the technology that's available today. If you want to stay safe and keep your friends and the people you love safe, please tell everybody you know about the Club Watch Community Connection. It's not just for's to help entire communities. Please check it out at