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    Jack Tunney announces WM4 Tournament


    by Stinger1981

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    @Soultsukino I believe you're right about Hogan facing Rude and most likely beating him. And Savage/Valentine going to a draw makes sense too. However, I actually think that Bigelow was originally supposed to beat the Gang and Dibiase would have beaten Bigelow most likely by countout. Bigelow lost to Gang because he was leaving soon to have knee surgery. You could tell Bigelow was leaving because after Mania 4, he was jobbing out. It's a shame because Bigelow was really over. Even though he wasn't going to win the title, his popularity in 1987/88 rivaled that of Hogan and even Savage.
    By POWERSAW19803 years ago
    Jessy Leppert
    Dibiase was supposed to win the title.
    By Jessy Leppert7 years ago
    So Hogan would have faced Rick Rude in the 3rd round, Dibiase would have paid off the Gang, and Savage and Valentine would have gone to a draw if the stories of what the original booking plans for the finals are true
    By Soultsukino7 years ago
    Randy  Ragsdale
    Jack Tunney was a great President. Segments like this prove it.
    By Randy Ragsdale7 years ago
    Muraco would have been in the finals with just 1 Match if this had held up.
    By TSteck1607 years ago