The Bad Mouse

Andy Sykes

by Andy Sykes

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Excellent work! We usedto get lots of bad mice in London when we lived in a slum. I used to use a trip-trap to catch them and let them go in the local park. A policeman once caught me crouching in the shrubbery trying to coax out a particularly stubborn mouse and asked me what I was doing! He didnt exactly say "'ello 'ello what's all this then?" but it felt a bit like it! He seemed happy with my explaination anyway and left me to my mouse coaxing.
By wastedpapiers 6 years ago
this one is better.
By gaku 6 years ago
hıc bır vıdoo yu kasıntesız izleyemıyoruz duzelmıycekmı
By fugan1967 6 years ago