SketchUp animation: Rubik's cubes - rendered with Kerkythea

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Miguel Lescano
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Rendered with Kerkythea, the free renderer for SketchUp.

A stack of old, rusty Rubik's cubes in the middle of the Chilean desert (or any desert you might like).

Model provided by Kus from the SketchUp Community Forum:
He asked everyone to render his model, so here's the result.

I'm still a novice Kerkythea user, so if anything doesn't look right, it's my fault. I added the KT logo to prevent anyone from copying the video and claiming it was done with another render engine.

The thread for this video in the Kerkythea forum is:

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Lo siento. Fue hace 6 años, así que ya no recuerdo.
Por Miguel Lescano el enero
¿Cuanto tiempo le tomó renderizar todo?
Por Wguayana el enero