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Terminator 2 - T-1000 glitches

il y a 9 ans9.2K views

Van Ling (Creative Supervisor), in T2, the Book of the Film, An Illustrated Screenplay:
Although technically superb and conceptually intriguing, all the featured shots of T-1000 glitching --of which there were three-- were completed but omitted for lenght, pacing, and narrative reasons. The first glitch shot, "OSHA hand," interrupted the pace of the chase, stopping it dead in its tracks as T-1000 dealt with the glitch; the second shot, of its feet sucking up the floor pattern (shot as metal diamondplate), was so bizarre an image that it was hard to grasp the concept, even seeing it; and the third shot, of a chrome glitch line crossing T-1000's face, was again difficult to understand. After having seen T-1000 do amazing transformations, it became increasingly tough to convey the idea that now its spontaneous morphs, the glitch idea was dropped. The only surviving hint of it is in the shot where T-1000, having pinnend Terminator's arm in the chain drive gear, turns to look for John as a chrome glitch wipes across its face.