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    Google Cash Detective 2 - Get Your BEST BONUS Ever!


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    xxAllyxx101 the most intellagent when it comes to affilaite marketing. I just really appreciate you taking the time to even read this comment. God Bless
    If you do find time to give me some advice then please email me at
    By xxAllyxx1016 years ago
    Hi... My name is Ally and I'm new to affiliate marketing... I've been studying every single day on how to succed in affilaite marketing. I work 40 hours a week and all day while I work I have my headphones in listening to videos and when I get home after I put my sons to bed I stay up until 12 or 1 at night trying to understand and succeed... I've tried profit lance... wealthy affiliates... and so on and so on... I understand the concept just not how it all works... I understand what article writing and ppc and ect is just not how to get SEO and ect. and expecially dont understand web 2.0 no matter how many videos ive watched. My last day at my job is this comen up sat due to a lay off... I could really use some extra money. I was wondering if you could take the time and maybe give me some tips so I could get my feet wet? I dont have anything to offer you so I understand if your too busy. I came across you videos while watching affiliate punishers videos and you and peter parks seem..
    By xxAllyxx1016 years ago