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Michael Findling
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  • Add to Embarcadero DB Optimizer lets you quickly discover, diagnose, and optimize poor-performing SQL. By discovering data-intensive or frequently executed queries, focusing in on specific SQL statements through query statistics (i.e., CPU, I/O, wait times), and optimizing any problematic statements, DB Optimizer eliminates performance bottlenecks. * Eliminate performance bottlenecks in production databases and applications * Prevent poor-performing SQL from reaching production * Develop, test, profile, and tune SQL in a single easy-to-use IDE SQL Tuner lets you view cost details on collections of SQL statements you add to a tuning session. As a means of identifying bottlenecks or problem queries, SQL Tuner lets you: * View high-level explain plan costs for statements as well as offering the option to view operation-by-operation explain plan details *Generate execution statistics such as CPU time as well as Read and Sort details