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    Daniel Henney song "Can't Breath" by LiXu on iTunes now

    Daniel Henney Pictures put to the music of LiXu from the EP on iTunes called "Solo Sessions" The song title is "Can't Breath" an original song writen, sung, played and produced by LiXu. He has since branched out into acting career as well. This young man moved to China from UK to continue with his music career. He has band called Gong Wu and also does his solo songs. If you want to find out more about LiXu you can go to his Myspace page.

    This video was made by request from a friend who loves Daniel Henney and LiXu songs. I think she has great taste in men. I could not agree more in her choices.

    I made this video for my enjoyment and to share it with friends. I have little to no computer experience and do not claim to be a profession at video making. So if you feel it is not up to standards, this is why.

    So I hope you enjoy it anyway. Please Rate the video and or comment if you like.