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    Code Lyoko - Bing Bong! (Sing My Song)

    DJ Barbara K.

    per DJ Barbara K.

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    i finally finished one of my videos I've been working on, its not perfect i realize didn't turn out exactly how i wanted but i created a lot more strategies for effects and have way more to come the only thing i ask is that no one steals my editing style, i really hate duplicators as well as lately i haven't had much time on the web non the less making this video the whole time i was making this i was thinking about showing my computer graphics teacher and possibly asking them if they'd show it to the whole class, but that's only possible if full credit to everything used is given which explains why the credits are so long opposed to my bad grades at school and me having to fix them this video took approx a week to make. So i thought I'd take a few hours to finish it off since i have major tests this week at school.