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    Weekend Blog Post- Scenes from Sun Valley, plus Brand New...


    by scottevest

    Ok, so i was kidding about the new product and testers needed. I just wanted to see if words still matter, or if video rules without words. I took the trouble to bullet point what I talked about in my post. I realize your time is valuable and before you invest in 3 minutes watching me talk about something you don't care about, you might want to know if you can skip the post or portions thereof So, here's the headlines in order of what i ramble about today. Always unscripted, and never without a dull momment :) * new tag line, TEC /You/WEAR, thoughts; morphing from SCOTTEVEST TO SeV * Live Web Cam at new Store, and ability to click to call us via skype video for help. Jorge thanks! * Should I carry more products, e.g., Monster Remote for iPhone to control iPhones/iTouch, iPod, as well as battery back, etc.. Only accessories that I personally endorse. Thoughts? * Margaux and poodles introduced. Watch Poodles Playing * Shout out to Tim Wolfe from our Chicago Fullfillment Facility who can't believe how gorgeous it is here * Wild Poodles of Sun Valley, and Poodle commercial, why Labradoodles and Golden doodles are 1/2 poodle. Poodles are much smarter than any other breed, so why combine?! * The wolf pack a mile from our house killed a cougar. Living in the Wild. * You can end here if you want, just showing the drive into Sun Valley, where you can see the mountain * All surrounding by Mt Bald, Sun Valley, Idaho This will be last post using, unless you say not to end it. I change some settings so hopefully it will be better than before. Let me know if you agree to switch to YouTube, see comparisons below Scott, PS, it takes me longer but should i do summaries like this for all blog posts? If so, I will ask your help to indicate in the comments or on YouTube rating scale shown if worthwhile to watch so others won't waste their time too. Lastly, if you want to learn about anything, and I mean anything, just ask me....