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Learn something new every day!

Alright then, how about the lazered electric guitars?
By ReBoot_Fan 5 years ago
Reboot_Fan: It's called a "hammer-on" Press the string sharply at any point, and it will sound whatever note is there. No need for a separate fretting and picking finger. I'm a bass player, and I can say that these instruments look like they'd sound exactly as they do if they were played that way, which is one of the attractions of animusic - the instruments are so believable, you just know that if they could be constructed and made to play what they appear to be playing, that it would sound exactly as it does on the video.
By rodak99 5 years ago
To clarify what I meant on the final part of my last statement, refer to the two blue knob-like things associated with the violins in "Aqua Harp".
By ReBoot_Fan 6 years ago
Great song! But I do wonder about the point of the movement of this presentation. Also, how do the stringed constructs produce that variety of tones? Wouldn't it all sound the same unless another set of "hands" held down on the string to change its length?
By ReBoot_Fan 6 years ago
This is totally awesome!
By geeegee 6 years ago
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