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    WWF Update: Von Erich Family


    by Stinger1981

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    Tony Gilley
    "Salvatore Bellemo, a force to reckon with in the World Wrestling Federation......."
    LOL!!!!! You could almost see Vince crack a grin at that staement!
    By Tony Gilley7 years ago
    Brandon Smith
    The bros. never came to the WWF until Kerry did in 1991.
    By Brandon Smith7 years ago
    Sal Bellomo was a huge threat in 84, along with mainstays Charlie Fulton and Jose Luis Rivera. I'm surprised those guys weren't inducted in the HOF. Easily could've been multiple time champions if they were given the shot,lol.
    By Stinger19817 years ago
    Maffew stilted...
    By Maffew7 years ago
    Randy  Ragsdale
    Salvatore Bellemo, a force to reckon with in the WWF? Hahahahahahahhahaahaahahahahaahahahahahaaaaaaaa!
    By Randy Ragsdale7 years ago
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