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    Latitudes & Attitudes: Episode 40 - Salalah, Oman


    by TheSailingChannel.TV

    You can now download 2009 Episodes of Latitudes & Attitudes TV for just $4.99 each at Latitudes & Attitudes TV is broadcast nationally on satellite and cable networks, but you may not be able to see it in your locale, especially outside the U.S. You can also order a DVD to play on your big-screen TV for just $9.99 + S&H. Each episode runs 22-minutes commercial free. There's a lead story about cruising followed by several segments that feature destinations, people, gear and boat reviews. Episode 40 premiers Lats & Atts TV's 2009 season, the show's fourth. In this promo, we profile Zuzana Prochaska, the new co-host, who tells us a bit about her life, sailing experience, and future sailing plans. Zuzana then previews the show's lineup, which includes a feature story about the Abbott family making a Middle East landfall in "Maxing Out - Salalah, Oman," a new segment called "Yoga Onboard," a review of the recently launched Com-Pac 35 sloop, and Bob Bitchen's Attitudes.