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    Trance - Castle In The Sky


    par Nyu-Rei

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    DJ Satomi - Castle In The Sky

    Theres a place in my mind
    No one knows where it hides
    And my fantasy is flying
    Its a castle in the sky

    Its a world of our past
    Where the legend still lasts
    And the king wears the crown
    But the magic spell is law

    Take your sword and your shield
    Theres a battle on the field
    Youre a knight and youre right
    So with dragons now youll fight

    And my fancy is flying
    Its a castle in the sky
    Or theres nothing out there
    These are castles in the air

    Fairytales live in me
    Fables coming from my memory
    Fantasy is not a crime
    Find your castle in the sky
    Par Terminator2006Il y a 7 ans
    amazing remix...great job :)
    Par AndrejinoIl y a 7 ans
    ılıllı Kiyazemon Ezakiya Style ılıllı
    Meme auteur de wave :p à quand l'upload ^^
    En plus c'est une image HQ bande de chanceux 8D
    Par Nyu-ReiIl y a 7 ans
    j'adore les yeux vairon xD

    et la musik est bien aussi
    Par JimmyIl y a 7 ans
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