Protestor throws custard at Lord Mandelson

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Lord Mandelson has had a cup of green liquid thrown in his face by an environmental protester.


:loool Thank you for sharing it :)
By isobel951 4 years ago
oh, and a face full of goo for mandy - hmm, right ho then. why doesn't she just get a job and try for a life ?
By malcolm mather 5 years ago
no result realy, just more of the same.
By malcolm mather 5 years ago
now what is the result?
By Fariborz Zak 5 years ago
You're right. The Algarve is most pleasant for climate, its people and pace of life. Been there many times, and Gib., Algeria( a long time ago, before the larger part of its population turned into nutters ) it was realy hot there! Australia is the closest thing to perfection I found though.
Canada was nice but a shame about the weather; although it can some days aquire a certain crisp clarity making the wilderness scenery defy description! Except to maybe compare with Northern Norway or Lapland. Yes things change but I don't think mankind can steer the worlds weather systems but can't argue against minimising the old micro-particals from car engines etc. I don't even drive so that's my bit done!
Changed my mind about being an airline pilot, prefering instead to try for a long and distinguished service as an Apache helicopter pilot, a good way to keep warm too while doing a spot of overtime I know you'll agree!
By malcolm mather 5 years ago
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