michael jackson & janet jackson scream

lee knowles

by lee knowles

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Trevor Culleton
That's the one song Michael and Janet jackson workson worked on as brother and sister. That song's about how the both of them are fed up with injustice going on in the world, but who woulden't be after going though it as long as them. Those sre some relly cool dance moves michael did there. Crouse, I can learn how to dance like that, but I can never match up to him, even if I have enough prictice. But rather Michael Jackson makes up his own moves or impresonates them, which is both, how he dances is the "Thriller."
By Trevor Culleton3 years ago
if you want to watch michael´s tour choreographer just look for "guy b making the video" in youtube
By mediatepleproductions6 years ago
en effet c celui là
By L-sSs-76 years ago
je crois que c t le clip le plus cher de l'histoire de la musique
By Ilyias6 years ago
Baraka Fraq
its nice
By Baraka Fraq7 years ago
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