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    David Frum vs. Mark Levin


    by burghnews

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    Do we conservatives want either one of these self-obsessed asses speaking for us?
    By Liberty267 years ago
    David you are not stupid enough to think that Rush, and not people like you are the one(s) destroying the Republican party. The reason Republicans lost both Houses and the White House to radical socialist/marxist/America-hating douchebags, is because they were listening to "moderates (read liberals)" like you. Get a clue you fool! Just join the Democrat movement and eff off!
    By lonacree7 years ago
    I am sorry David.. You are apparently all messed up in what the AMERICAN people want? You sound just like the reason I am NOT voting republican anymore. You are spewing Democrat light and NOT conservative, less government, less taxes, butt the hell out of our lives! It is apparent the reason you slambed Rush is because you do not understand WHY we like him. He is saying EXACTLY what WE THE PEOPLE want!

    It is YOU and the republican party that is the calamity. We do not want the all inclusive party you want. We want illegal immigration STOPPED and the illegals here to be shipped back home! We also do NOT want health care for EVERY american at a cost to those who pay for those who do NOT. We do not want bailouts with taxpayer money REGARDLESS of the cost later! Why should I work and then give my money to someone who does not deserve it why MAKE me pay for someone else to have health care or ANYTHING else??
    By Crossbowy7 years ago