Joe Herlihy Orchestra-Bye Bye Pretty Baby

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Joe Herlihy and His Orchestra-Bye Bye Pretty Baby- recorded for Edison September 16,1927. This recording is supposed to be the Goldkette Orchestra without Bix. And IF Bix had been present I wonder if there wouldn't have been a repeat of the Eddie King Victor executive Goldkette Incident from 1924. I can just hear old man Edison yelling just like Eddie King after he hears Bix take a solo, "get that guy outta here, that is not the kind of jazz I want here!"


Jazzgirl, obviously we both love this orchestra :-) I have it somewhere too among my postings. It should be noted that Edison, even if it might not have been the kind of jazz he wanted, he did record several great records with the Herlihy band. I'll look up another one to post that was waxed for the Edison company.
By kspm0220s 5 years ago
When Bix played, in an old movie, the guy sweeping and the lady cleaning would stop to listen. Then the audience would realize what idiots old man Edison and Eddie King were.
By Boston Blackie 5 years ago