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    Hulk Hogan vs. Masked Superstar WWF Title


    by Stinger1981

    2 232 views


    domingos melo
    great posts and i mean REALLY GREATTTTT !!!!

    but the videoQuality :-(
    is it much better the Quality at home?..if yes... im interested to buy or so ,if it's good for will be a great favor you doing for me !!!!!
    By domingos melo4 years ago
    yeah right TonyForever,why not a clean pinfall?
    anaway thanks stinger for the video !!!
    By legdrop6 years ago
    Mannn, this is very cool... as many as Hogan's matches I've seen, the ones with the old belt is rare.

    Yeaa, they should have had him win some clean to make him strong, then the DQs to make the other heels strong. But either way, the raw excitement is unreal.
    By at1212b7 years ago
    Same thing for his first title defense in MSG, getting a countout victory over Orndorff. I'm guessing they wanted to keep the heels as top threats, so they couldn't have them get beaten outright.
    By Stinger19817 years ago
    Tony Gilley
    Wow! I know this was early in his Championship run but couldn't they let him win this one with a clean pin fall?

    What always annoyed me about Hogan's first title run was the Ridiculous amount of times Hogan got a lot of DQ wins over big threats. Piper I could understand, But Stud should have lost some of those matches by pin fall
    By Tony Gilley7 years ago