Michael Jackson announces last gigs in London

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He did not have the life he deserved. A life as nice and sweet as his heart!
By louane 6 years ago
Micheal jackson will be burried in 1,5 hour . Rip King of MUSIC
By 123gangsta123 6 years ago
He seemed so ready. It's a real shame, concert goers will no longer know what it is to get your money's worth like you did at an MJ show! It goes beyond your wildest expectations and he was ready and willing to do it again 50+ times for those fans! Long live the king! RIP Michael Jackson. Thanks for sharing.
By gloriajess 6 years ago
By tony danis 6 years ago
he looks like nothing its incredible!! its impossible that he could do exceptionnal pop show in july ilke before! he can hardly move and walk...surgery destroyed him completely; for me hes been dead the time he started to change his boday and color...thats a shame; he was an icone in the world music...
By toma2911 6 years ago
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