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    Heltah Skeltah Freestyle - The Brokest Rappers You Know


    par DaDDy_sHug_1972

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    Rich Mundo
    You can catch me in Amy Winehouse house, IN the Crib, when I was just a Jit, I call her Icky Vicky, But she crazier than Vick, She Said Im Jewish, But its Hitler She With, Commenced to Play Pac, She Said Hit em up, I said, Mam U right, Im Drinking, They Sinking, Not like the Titanic, still they had a good ole groovy time, Im like not on I Time, U kNow I quicksand ya, Let you know it is Not a Mirage or game, My Garage need to be insane, You KNow Germans, Asians, Austrailians, No Americans, Thats Beamers, Porsches, Acuras, and The Bucati, Sitting Like A Gotti Pit, Thats a real lowrider, what I look Like Riding in a low low, No Mo Polo, ITs Gucci from here to the door, So Dont make me Kick like Beckham, even worse Kick Like Yao, U see the Dynasty in my eye, but u know the deceit they put in my eyes, Third eye didn't even open when Yall was scopin, Let yall know I aint Coping, Or Copping, I Am Diddy Bopping, Like Bad Boy, Take that and This, I drop Day 26 and Tell Donny Lets ROCK, BIG $$$$
    Par Rich MundoIl y a 7 ans
    Rich Mundo
    Call ME Darth Mar aka THE PGA, All I say is Pay ME B! NOt really a rapper or a trapper, Im breaking the glass ceiling and saying U all Welcome Here, Dar Mar No Par, Dropped from the Galaxy, Landed on Earth Feet First, Gatorade just make me Thirst More, Powerade Amp Me Like Mountain DEW, True Story, Been on that Mountain How bout You, What Would Judas Do, is the question Im asking YOu, The REdeemer, Corcevado fuck a Movado, Made time stop, and dared niggas to Diddy Bop, AInt nobody setting up Shop, in any sense of the word, Yall Real life Nerds, Try to observe and watch me get absurd, Fuck a Turd, No Christmas Hanky The Christmas Poo, I really make it do what it do, Watch Coke, Shit in Pepsi, Then Watch the Logo and Say these fools got the audacity of Hope, On Money Like O, But No Harpo in Me, I dont Hit em or bring em in, I watch em from A far, Saw Mommy Dark Pigmentation, Eyes Blue from the tears she cried, So Got damn got me reflecting bout my life, and how I will probably never have
    Par Rich MundoIl y a 7 ans