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    by Al Caudullo Productions

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    Every year about a 150,000 people pour into Las Vegas for the Annual Consumer Electronics Show.
    They come from all over the world to this Neon Jungle of over 1700 gambling places. Did you know that there is about 1 slot machine for every CES visitor?
    You came here for the Electronic marvels, but you've gotten bitten by the gambling bug! You really would love to play the Slot Machines, Craps, Blackjack and Poker Tables all year long.
    Well, there is a way to take Las Vegas home with you. At least, part of it. Welcome to the Gamblers General Store.
    Explore went to this 8000 square foot Gambling Superstore. From personalized chips and cards to books to ties, t-shirts and of course, pictures of Elvis this gambling mecca has it all.
    I spoke to Wendy Rock about this very unusual shopping haven.
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