Red Nichols Five Pennies-Japanese Sandman


by Jazzgirl1920s



Oh ya !! Thank you for this treat !
By Kerry Flow Last year
It's surprising and inexplicable as Classics usually include all recordings in chronological order.
By kspm0220s 6 years ago
Red is one of my all time favorites. A company called Mosaic had a planned reissue cd set of all of Red's Five Pennies Brunswicks including alternate takes. It was announced a couple of years ago but I am still waiting for it to be released. Doesn't look likely now for some reason. And the French cd Classics cd's of Red are not much good because there are no alternate takes and some of the titles are omitted unexplainably.
By Jazzgirl1920s 6 years ago
The typical sophisticated Nichols style in this quietly-paced arrangement! Thank you for sharing.
By kspm0220s 6 years ago