How about a NYC Tea Party...Santelli Style!


by FINZtv

CNBC's Rick Santelli captures the frustration of many in this country when he called for the "Chicago Tea Party" in July against the new administration's mortgage plans, stimulus plans, and bailouts.

Santelli's call spurred many across this country to organize their own "Tea Party" to voice concerns about the way the economic crisis is being handled. The street team took our cameras to the "NYC Tea Party" at City Hall Park, New York, for interviews and to get a sense of the mood away from the trading desk. (NYC Tea Party on February 28, 2009)

Interview with organizers of NYC Tea Party:

Kellen Guida (@parcbench on twitter) How did this get started?

Kellen Guida: Saw Rick Santelli's rant on CNBC the other morning and were looking to see if there's anything happening and we just put this up on facebook and sent out some emails. Solution?

Kellen Guida: Pretty much just let it go. We need business models that are sustainable. If you look at with Ireland, with Spain, with Japan, the stimulus obviously doesn't work and drags you further in and prolongs the recovery, so lets get to the bottom faster.

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