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    Moon Landing Hoax- Objects Fall From The Moon Bay Ceiling

    ArchAngel Michael

    by ArchAngel Michael

    Apollo 17- When objects fall from the Fake Moon Bay Ceiling, Astronaut Jack comes up with a cover story off the top of his head. Astronaut Gene says "I've never seen that before" Astronaut Gene had not heard of an exploding hygiene antenna package from the Apollo 16 mission, which John related from Houston. Such a thing happening would have been a major talking point amongst all the Astronauts and Houston, however Gene was not aware of any such past event.

    Astronaut Gene says at :21 "What are those things going over? What is that Jack? Hey something just get here, what flew? Hey what is that?

    Astronaut Jack says at :32 "Oh your ah, your antenna, your ah, its that Styrofoam off the ah, hygiene antenna package" Gene replies "On the LEM?" Jack replies "no the, the one you deployed, the rover hygiene antenna" Gene replies " My God it blew up....I thought we've been hit by a, by a, look at that stuff just kept flying over the top of our heads. I thought we were the closest witnesses to a lunar meteor impact" Astronaut Jack laughs.

    Astronaut Gene says at 1:05 "I wonder if you think you meant the same glass I picked up" Jack replies "Oh I don't know"

    Bob at Houston says at 1:10 "John says it blew up on his mission too Jack"
    Astronaut Gene says at 1:13 "Isn't that what you thought it was? Isn't that what you thought it was? uh" Astronaut Jack replies "I thought you were kidding" Gene replies "No I've never seen that before" Jack replies "Oh I'm sorry, I thought that was a hmm" Gene replies "No, you just ah, well you saw that stuff coming, I didn't see that at all, holy smoly" Bob at Houston says at 1:30 "Roger 17, and John says that it blew up on his mission as well"

    This video as you hear & see it, is located for download at NASA site:
    Apollo 17 Video Library
    EVA-1 Close-out
    Journal Text: 123:27:46 RealVideo Clip: (4 minutes 32 seconds)