15 People Convert to Islam in Mumbai By Dr. Zakir Naik


by Islamicinvitation

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Colin Patterson
Misleading crap! Where is the material about Noah!
no disrepect toany religion but how do we know these women are genuine??? nowadays you dont know whos real and whos not??? also i dont understand why would one need to believe in a one particular religion if one truley believes in a god enegy. you can still find god without following any religion trust me i cant prove it. god is super super super consciouse he/sshe/it listens to every living soul. whether u belive in jesus, krishna, allag, shive, jahovah or ANY OTHER NAME, it doesn`t matter asreator is super conscious so no doubt your pactions and prayetrs are being registered in its log book.
By everlastin76 years ago
salam alaykoum wr wb,

lahwla wal qoutailla billah!! j'en ai vraiment les larmes aux yeux...
By ninisse766 years ago
he is the best...and so smart !
By mb381307 years ago
Zakir is superb!!
By Michael_DM7 years ago