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    How To Get SIx Pack Abs in 16 Weeks ( W


    by fitnessvip

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    All exercises are done in supersets.

    Perform 1a then move immediately to 1b and then take the recommended rest time.

    Repeat for a total of the recommended sets before moving to the next superset.

    For example, 1a are supersetted with 1b. Do NOT rest within the superset (between 1a and 1b), but rest for the recommended rest time after 1b before repeating the superset.

    Recommended Work Time, Rest Time, and Sets

    15 seconds work time
    35 second break in between supersets
    2 sets for each superset

    20 seconds work time
    30 second break in between supersets
    3 sets for each superset

    30 seconds work time
    25 second break in between supersets
    3 sets for each superset

    Note: Perform this workout 3x for week 1

    Week 1

    1a: Pushup
    1b: DB Squat

    2a: Chin Up
    2b: Forward Lunge

    3a: Shoulder Press
    3b: Hamstring Curl

    4a: Mountain Climbers
    4b: Plank

    5a: Plank
    5b: Mountain Climber

    How to maximize your fat loss results:

    Perform interval training cardio immediately after this workout routine.

    Sprint for 20 seconds
    Walk for 30 seconds
    Repeat for 6 rounds

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