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    Gokudera x Tsuna [I'd Come For You]


    by AkriaChan

    1 097 views
    Song: I'd Come For You
    Artist: NickelBack

    This is to my lovely YouTube Wifey, Alice or NagiChan! *_* I love ya!

    Sorry about not putting in our couple or more of your favorites, I just couldnt concentrate this week. D: But when I heard this song, from the help of YamamotoChiika, I started this 5927 video for you.

    This song is absoletly prefect for them, it is like that the band wrote it for them! I love it! *_* But the one part in the song when it says. 'I'd come for you, only if you wanted me too' that the only part I dont agree. Gokudera will always come for you, Tsuna! And so shall I, Alice.

    I will always come for you.... Always. So in this song, I suppose you could say that Gokudera represents me and Tsuna for you. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥