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    Schapelle Leigh Corby: Myths Busted


    by Kaiako

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    This film was created with the intentions to debunk many of the major myths surrounding Schapelle Corby and her family. Schapelle was wrongfully imprisoned for a crime she did not commit. Evidence was destroyed, numerous laws were broken by the very people who have been sworn in to uphold them, and countless lies destroyed nearly every opportunity Schapelle had at securing a release. Unfortunately, Schapelle received an unfair trial by the Indonesian legal system, the Australian Government, and the media. The media released hearsay with no corroboration and didn't care that she and her family would bare the brunt of these myths. We may never know just how much all of these lies, by her very own countrymen, would affect the outcome of her trial. Although, considering she received an unprecedented 20 years for an unjust imprisonment I would say the role the media played had a grave impact.
    A big Thank You goes out to Direct Cinema Limited ( and the producers for approving the use of the video clips from the movie 'Ganja Queen'.