Cam'Ron - Get It In Ohio (Official Video)

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Crime Pays In Stores May 5th..!


Okay cam, Speaking, don't worry about the rythm... The Locked you in the basement on some Man in the IRon Mask Shit, They Locked me in the Wine Cellar, Some How Lil Sister Came Down, just to made sure we maintained, Then they saw she looked out, right, So Them Bitches Made a diamond cut key, right, Said G it, Talking bout who, A I G, No Handshakes, No Facials, No Blood Loss, These Niggas wearing akademiks, but don't think , Beouwolf ass niggas, U be Brindle, Cause I know you hear these dudes, Im Golden Im with these Gorbachev aka Benjamin Franklin, Crime Pay Politicians, But I don't Die, Send Him to my 3rd Eye, thats Mommy, Return of She, Yall wilding, Whattup Victoria Beckham, I don't Adam it, I just let it out Like The Fire Breathing, The Order of the Dragon, Imagine Dracula being Pale, Raw Meet B
By Rich Mundo 5 years ago
They said Killer why Killa ya duke and Not Ghostface, Get Em....Shutup Listen, Cam Showed his face, took the case, probation no need to lie about the bars or in the bars, no par Golf with Satan, Take the Head off add the rzor, Slice So shaolin style amazing on the film like Bruce Lee, only one Golden, but Im Bloody, so call me Rose Gold, yalll got Pissy Cold, that aint mountain dew, thats piss, Cam we back on it like Giles at end, I King you Big Fella, here is another 150 thous wild on Jay Zaka shawn carter, aka Hovi
By Rich Mundo 5 years ago
No Problem PindzMedia, Keep that Fire Torching, ONE
By Rich Mundo 5 years ago
A I G, U K in this shit officially, Im taking this shit back to the Queen, and no Jamaican Things, From Budweiser to Heinken, Corona when I want her, Hmmmmmm And I dont like fraternizing with the workers aka servants aka peasants, So Rick Ross Better Be a Commercial, Im the Full Clip that don't slip, Only one Boss, ONe Owner, and Now One GOD, so drop the squads, put em on a peso diet and tell them now try to by it, ooops they dont got that in Mexico, so what the violencia for, Told Shakira if they harm her Im coming back to Barranquilla on her honor and it will be fighting tonight. Siempre Amore, Muah we Get it Like The Odd Couple, Not Face to Face Side To side, Not MatchingLike A Stick of Now and Laters Laffy Taffy So tacky, Tell them bitches they in the back of me, They can Ac It, I porSche it, So if you cant buy that Kurt Kobain Ya Self, Goldie mac, this that Clip, Cam they need to start hitting flips, My money Low, and I dont raise Lesbians spawns, they can all die Currrttttiis...
By Rich Mundo 5 years ago
thanx for comment dude
By PindzMedia 5 years ago