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    The Bluff, Peel Island DEC 2008

    mat middleton

    by mat middleton

    Last trip in the tinny before the once promising 2nd hand Yamaha 15 seized for good.

    Despite stalling a few times during, we managed the over 40 km round trip arriving back into Manly harbour soon after midnight.

    About 1 hour after this video was shot we were hit by a classic Brisbane late afternoon storm cell.

    We made it into Horseshoe Bay just minutes before the cell hit.
    It had come up from the south-west and in fact spanned all the way in a line of cells from the Tweed district up to the South Burnett district.

    Crouched there in darkness on the sand, Ken under the plastic v-sheet and me adorned in a disposal's poncho we got blasted, buffeted and soaked for an unnerving half hour - before the lightning strikes moved slowly east across Nth Stradbroke.

    The conditions on the late night and moonless trip back to Manly felt too good to be true.
    I had feared a ripping tide and 1-2 metre cross swell, as we'd endured on the afternoon trip over.

    A mere half metre swell and minimal tidal current was all we had to contend with.

    And Ken did snaffle a few nice keepers to boot.

    29 December 2008