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    MRAP: "From TARDIS With Love" - Video Introduction

    Neil Logan Butler

    by Neil Logan Butler

    This was the video introduction to the play that was played before the performance. One was done for the first performance of the play at TimeGate, and I was asked to do the video for the next performance.
    So...yeah, here it is.

    If you have any questions about it, let me know.

    Dr. Who - Jonathan Strickland
    Donna Noble - Claire Kiernan
    Sarah Jane Smith - Kelley Swilley-Ceccato
    Capt. Jack Harkness - Joshua Adrian
    Susan Foreman - Tamara Morton
    The Master (1887/1963) - Daniel Kiernan
    The Master (2008) - Jack Mayfield
    Dalek Number 6 of 42 - Ariel Stewart
    Arthur Conan Doyle - Bill Kronick
    Queen Victoria - Trudy Leonard
    Torchwood Agent #1 - Matt Ceccato
    Torchwood Agent #2 - Shawn Carter

    Music - Brad Weage

    Written by William Allan Ritch

    Video directed by Neil Butler
    Play directed by William Allan Ritch